IT Salaries

You may enjoy working on computers.  You may find solving their complex and mystifying problems satisfying and a great exercise for the brain.  Would you like to do that for 40 hours a week – for free? 

You did say ‘no’, didn’t you?  Almost everyone would.  It is simply not practical – or even sane – to spend several years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars acquiring a degree that is not going to pay the bills.  Fortunately, some of the hottest jobs right now are in the Information Technology arena, a field that requires skilled and knowledgeable workers.  In addition, the outlook for the majority of them is expected to continue bright.  Of course, outsourcing does trim away at some, slowing job growth; this trend is most noticeable in lower-level jobs like computer programming.  As a rule, the majority of IT jobs are set to increase. 

Average Salaries for IT Workers and Managers

But just how much is the average IT worker being paid?  The answer hinges on the fact that there is really no such thing as an “average” IT worker.  These jobs are specialized and diverse. Each one requires markedly different levels of skills, education, and experience.  To help you understand what you might earn, we’ve compiled a list of nine common IT jobs, a brief description, and their average yearly salary or a salary range. 

  • Computer Engineer– There are two types of computer engineers.  Computer hardware engineers develop the physical components – or hardware – of a computer.  Computer software engineers plan and develop specific programs.  (See the information under “Software Developer” for salary information.)  A computer hardware engineer can expect a salary between $62,300 and $92,400.
  • Software Developer– A software developer is another name for a computer software engineer.  A Senior Software Developer can make around $98,600, a Junior Software Developer nets about $56,400, and the average hovers at $76,900.
  • Database Administrator– Database Administrators are responsible for organizing, maintaining, and protecting information stored on databases.  These professionals can expect to make about $83,000 per year.
  • Software Tester– A software tester examines computer programs to ensure they work properly and compiles information about how these programs work.  The salary for software testers ranges from $53,130 to $71,400.
  • Computer Programmer– A computer programmer writes instructions to a computer using programming languages.  His or her salary falls between $39,000 and $62,100 per year. 
  • Web Developer– Web developers are responsible for the technical side of creating web pages, although they may have to decide on design and content as well.  The national average yearly salary of a web developer is $51,400.
  • Information Systems Manager– An information systems manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the various personnel and equipment used by his or her company’s IT department.  This is a high-level position, requiring great experience and knowledge; the salary range (between $112,200 and $188,200 per year) reflects this.
  • Networking Administrator– A networking administrator is responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of the company’s computer network.  He or she can expect to make about $56,800 on average.  (Incidentally, two careers closely related to network administration demonstrate the wide variations in pay in this industry:  network engineers make around $81,500 yearly; network support techs earn closer to $47,800.)
  • Computer Repair Technician– Computer repair technicians fix problems in computers – especially those dealing with hardware.  They may also repair common computer-related office equipment such as printers.  The yearly earnings for computer repair technicians range from $22,900 to $39,182.